Used Car Sales for Launceston

How did we ever manage without these location focused used car websites. These are the best that we have found to help you find second hand cars around Launceston and Cornwall - instantly!

They are all preconfigured with their cars automatically focused on your location! All the major brands - listed by distance from PL15. Find a Ford, VW, Vauxhall, Mercedes, Renault, Toyota, Peugeot, BMW, Audi, Honda, Land Rover, Nissan. You are sure to find something! Good luck!
The first and still one of the best Used Car Sales websites. There are lots of new and used cars for you to see around Launceston and Cornwall

You can of course sell your car through the site!

Excellent video full of Car Buying Hints and Tips

As good as Ebay but cooler - with no bidding of course!
An excellent new generation car website with lots of cars with 30 miles of Launceston
EBAYCrop.jpgThe Ebay car site is fast, clear, intuitive and shows cars in miles away from your location. It has to be one of the best - especially if you like bidding for things!

Go and see New and Used Cars for Sale around Launceston

Launceston Car Centre Ltd

New Port Industrial estate, St Thomas Rd, Launceston PL15 8EX, UK – 01566 772069

I bought a car from Launceston Car Centre about 5 months ago and I have had no problems at all. The staff wete very helpful and knowledgeable. Very happy all round!!

Sales very good but customer service from frontline office awful, they cant accept any criticism despite sending out a car purchased for £5,000 with several faults. Asked for a refund as only picked up the car four days ago and reported issues within twelve hours of leaving forecourt but were told by both owners "it doesn't work like that". Under the consumer rights act for second hand car dealers under 30 days that's exactly how it works... Don't be fooled by the friendly pre-sale cant do enough salesman who I shall simply name Mr B as he just came across abrupt and passed the buck to a whole other level of incompetence. Sadly we were lied to regarding the ordering of a part, however since posting the original review out of fairness to Ross one of the co owners who sent out a mobile mechanic to fix the door and clearly does care. For this reason only I have amended the review to three stars but do not like being lied to so would not buy from there again as all confidence has now been lost.

Pennygillam Auto Centre and Car Sales

Unit 39A & B/Fennel Business Park, Launceston PL15 7ED, UK – 01566 777715

What a fantastic service from these guys. Car decided to chuck a wobbly and go into "safe" mode after DPF warning light came on. Despite being very busy the team here found time to plug the car in to diagnostics and began to try to source parts for probable fix. Once Mazda deemed them worthy of a response they called me and advised of the cost of parts and that this may not cure the problem. After talking with the manager an alternative was suggested and much to my joy the problem was resolved. Fantastic service and very reasonable price too......if ever I have car troubles when in this neck of the woods again I know where I will be calling first.

Honest and trustworthy bunch of guys. Took my 10 year old Toyota in for MOT which i half expected to fail, but it didn't and they just advised that tyres would need replacing soon. I took it back shortly after and had them do the tyres and brakes/Discs. Very reasonable cost and will go back for its service. (Work done earlier this year, didn't realise they were on Google till today)

Hawkins Launceston

40 Pennygillam Way, Launceston PL15 7ED, UK – 01566 777611

Can't thank Nick Harrison of Hawkins Motors enough for the help he gave us in the purchase of our car. A very professional company .. polite & helpful over the phone & also when you go into the sales room. Just brilliant would use them again. Mr & Mrs Hilsdon.

Buying a car from Nick Harrison was a great experience, no pressure, lots of help and advice - take it and try it etc. Back up, reminders for MOT & service. My car is a KIA. A switch replacement, under warranty, was carried out over three days without query with a couresy car thrown in! An all round pleaseure. Believe them when they say. "Such nice people to deal with!"